The Antagonist

By Kelleigh Rae.

Most every story you’ll read has a protagonist, the good (or semi-good) guy, and the antagonist, the bad guy. These characters draw from one another to make the story realistic. Think about your own life…are there any antagonists or villains you have to face? Most of the time these are considered the bullies, and we all know at least one or more of those.  Continue reading


Who’s This Character? Part 2- Character Description

By Tim Hillebrant.

Okay, so last time we began the climb up the mountain that is character creation, and we made it to base camp.  Our Sherpa guides have helped us along the way, and we’ve been able to spend a relaxing time sipping hot drinks as we listen to the howling wind outside our yurt, while we prepare for the next leg of the ascent.  Since the basics are now behind us, let us now turn our attention to another challenging part of creating characters, how to describe them. Continue reading

How to Write Fan Fiction

By Kelleigh Rae.

Fan Fiction is exactly what it sounds like, fiction written by and for fans. Fandoms, the group of fans of a certain story (book, TV show, movie, cartoon, etc.). Though there is some debate as to whether there is a specific way Fan Fiction (FF) should be written. Like other genres, FF is open to interpretation, but there are certain standards and guidelines to follow if you are looking to publish. Continue reading

Who’s This Character?

By Tim Hillebrant.

We’re writers.  A lot of us, I’d even wager most of us, write stories.  Which means we’re writing about characters within those stories.  So, I decided to delve into that particular part of writing next.

The first thing I found is, this is by no means a single post topic.  There is a ton of material out there covering characters, what they are, how to make them, write them, and have them work within your story.  I decided therefore to keep this post to the basics.   We’ll get into the other stuff later.  Mostly because if I’m going to climb that mountain, I’m going to need a Sherpa Guide to make the journey.  But we can at least make the ascent to base camp.  Jackets on?  Have your GORP handy?  Great!  Let’s go! Continue reading

The Plain Text Rebellion

By Doug Langille.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was in high school, I remember when typewriters became computers and document processing a la touch typing became the darling-do.

Yes, I dated myself there. Cope and deal. I did a long time ago, you whipper-snappers. It could be worse: I could have regaled you with the brief fascination with daisy-wheels. We had 52 letters, 10 digits and a smattering of symbols. Tab-stops and the black-red ribbon were a goram innovation! I also remember cursively writing my middle-school creative writing assignments.

Why are you staring at me? I did it again. Damn. Continue reading