‘To Be Or Not To Be… Melodramatic’

By Karen Payton Holt.

What on earth is melodrama? I’ve watched ‘Gone With The Wind’ and seen Scarlett O’Hara having the ‘vapors’ as she plays ‘Ashley’ off against ‘Rhett’… those were the days.

We all recognise melodrama on the silver screen, I think. But it can be akin to watching a ‘car crash’ — terrible to watch but you can’t look away. We’ve all seen that horror movie where you laugh in the wrong places — and not nervous laughter, just laughter because the acting is so overdone. Continue reading


Interview with Kim Bussey (Professional Editor)

~Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True~



“Let your writing style show in your query letter. It’s surprising how often beautifully written manuscripts come with a query letter that reads like a junior high book report. These manuscripts go straight to the slush, or often, rejection pile.”

Professional editor, Kim Bussey, gives some tips on how to avoid the slush pile and about self-publishing and the importance of editing.  Kim spent twenty years as a fact checker and editor for two of the top five publishing houses in the US and continues as an independent editor today. Continue reading

Interview with Baby Sideburns!

~Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True~

BabySideburnsWithBookII-420x420KAREN ALPERT, BLOGGER

Blog: Baby Sideburns

“Just write from your heart. If it’s funny, awesome. If it’s serious, awesome. Just write what you really feel and don’t censor yourself. Also, connect with your readers. Have a conversation with them. I learn so much from the people I write for.”

Self-made blogger Karen Alpert discusses her blog, Baby Sideburns, and her book, I Heart My Little A-Holes, with us.  Karen has managed to grow her audience to over 200,000 and has received almost 750 reviews on Amazon.  She has some great advice for bloggers who are trying to make their way in the blogging world.  Continue reading

Creating Cultures

By Tim Hillebrant.

What do the books Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lonesome Dove, Game of Thrones, and Interview with a Vampire have in common?   More than you might think.  Here, for this example, every one of these stories had some kind of culture created for it.  Twilight had its own vampire culture, Harry Potter’s created culture was that of the wizarding world,  LOTR had the culture of the elves and the hobbits both, Lonesome Dove’s was the culture of the old west cattle drives, Game of Thrones is the cultures of Westeros and the Dothraki peoples, Interview with a Vampire has yet another vampire culture,  Continue reading

Interview with Lorna Suzuki

~Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True~


Book Series: Imago Chronicles and the Dream Merchant Saga

“Hire a great editor if you can afford it.  If you can’t, then find a critique group who can give you unbiased, constructive criticism and be prepared to make the necessary changes!”

Self-published author Lorna Suzuki talks to us today about her series, Imago, which is set to move into production with two-time Oscar-winning producer, Don Carmody (Good Will Hunting,Resident Evil, and Lucky Number Slevin) and the Continue reading

Who Will Read Your Novel?

By Karen Payton Holt.

I used to write in a heavily descriptive and imaginative way, but quickly learned that if I want my books to appeal to a broader readership, then less is more.

*holding up hands* Don’t shoot me, I’m not suggesting ornately descriptive prose, dripping in similes and metaphors cannot be good, just that in writing that way, you might be limiting your appeal — I can hear teeth grinding now. Continue reading