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~Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True~

BabySideburnsWithBookII-420x420KAREN ALPERT, BLOGGER

Blog: Baby Sideburns

“Just write from your heart. If it’s funny, awesome. If it’s serious, awesome. Just write what you really feel and don’t censor yourself. Also, connect with your readers. Have a conversation with them. I learn so much from the people I write for.”

Self-made blogger Karen Alpert discusses her blog, Baby Sideburns, and her book, I Heart My Little A-Holes, with us.  Karen has managed to grow her audience to over 200,000 and has received almost 750 reviews on Amazon.  She has some great advice for bloggers who are trying to make their way in the blogging world. 

CARNIVAL:  What made you decide to open Baby Sideburns?

ALPERT: I started my blog when Zoey was a baby. Every mom was writing a blog and I didn’t want to be the only person who wasn’t doing it. I never imagined it would grow to be very big at all. As I often am, I was wrong.

CARNIVAL:  You’ve made quite a name for yourself, and your humour is wild. How do you manage to keep outdoing yourself every month?

ALPERT: I have no idea! Alcohol? Chocolate? I guess my kids keep outdoing themselves so it’s great fodder. And I probably should be getting better at my job as a parent but I think I keep getting worse so there’s lots to write about.

CARNIVAL:  We’ve seen firsthand some of the haters that decide to voice their opinion on your status updates, etc.  How do you deal with that kind of negative feedback?

ALPERT: Ignore, ignore, ignore. People are very good at typing whatever they feel because they forget that they might be hurting someone’s feelings on the other side of their comment. Or at least I hope they forget. Who knows, maybe there really are a lot of very mean people out there. It helps that my readers always come to my defense. My readers are like the most awesome defensive line a writer can have. I love them as much as I dislike the trolls.

CARNIVAL:   You keep it real, and we love that about your blog, but are you ever worried you’re going to cross a line?  If so, how do you deal with that?

ALPERT: I’m pretty sure I cross a line every day. I think it’s important to cross lines. It’s what makes my writing honest. And funny. I try not to filter myself, and I think that’s what people appreciate.

IHeartCoverHCCARNIVAL: Your Kickstarter campaign for your incredibly awesome book, I Heart My Little A-Holes, was a total success.   Any advice for bloggers, or writers for that matter, planning on trying their hand at that type of fundraising? 

ALPERT: Kickstarter for me was less about raising money and more about gathering a team of supporters. I like to think of my backers as my most favorite and avid fans. They also ended up being my motivation to write a kickass book. Every time I got discouraged writing, I would think about the awesome people who had supported me and I wanted to write something great for them.

CARNIVAL:   What is your number on piece of advice for bloggers today?

ALPERT: Just write from your heart. If it’s funny, awesome. If it’s serious, awesome. Just write what you really feel and don’t censor yourself. Also, connect with your readers. Have a conversation with them. I learn so much from the people I write for.

CARNIVAL:  When did you realise your blog was blogging genius and when did it really hit you that you’d ‘made it’ in the blogging world?

ALPERT: I’m still not there. Every day is stressful and I’m constantly worried I’m not going to be funny today. Sometimes I have great days and I feel like I’m kicking ass, and sometimes I feel like the well is dry and the blog is going to die a slow, painful death. I think this is probably the way most writers feel. Maybe. There’s so much pressure in my head you could make diamonds out of coal in there.

CARNIVAL: We believe you’ve just started your incredible journey, and we’re sure you have loads in store for us all, where do you plan to go from here? How, exactly, do you plan to out-awesome your already awesome-self?

ALPERT: Ha ha ha, I wish I knew! There are so many things I want to do, and always way too little time. I want to keep writing the blog and keeping the quality up. I want to write for TV. I want to do more speaking engagements. I want to write another book. I want to grow taller. And skinnier. And most of all, I want to help my kiddos grow up to be semi well-adjusted people, well, more well-adjusted than I am. And I’m hoping they develop my sense of humor so they don’t hate me for all the shit I’ve written. As much as they suck sometimes, they are totally awesome and the loves of my life, and they are my first priority. Unless I really need wine or chocolate. Then they are my second priority.

CARNIVAL: Thank you for doing this interview with us! We really appreciate your time and wish you loads of future success on whatever path you decide to travel. 

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