The Antagonist

By Kelleigh Rae.

Most every story you’ll read has a protagonist, the good (or semi-good) guy, and the antagonist, the bad guy. These characters draw from one another to make the story realistic. Think about your own life…are there any antagonists or villains you have to face? Most of the time these are considered the bullies, and we all know at least one or more of those. 

660px-Slider-villain-e1411616927143How do you incorporate antagonists into your stories or poems? Are they evil villains, school yard bullies, or even people you thought were friends, but they were simply using your MC for their own gains? Why is it important to your story to have an antagonist? Would the piece be different if there were no personal conflicts? Is it possible that your protagonist is also the antagonist…internal conflicts?

Lets start a discussion…ask questions, and learn from one another!


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