What Poetry Speaks to You?

By Travis Baribeau.

When and if you write/read poetry, which do you prefer?  Are you more of a prose-type poetry, Dr.Seussian humour rhyme or a complete free-verse wild-child?  Which one do you find yourself most drawn to and why?

picture by roux5472 (http://roux5472.deviantart.com/)

picture by roux5472 (http://roux5472.deviantart.com/)

Personally, if any of you have read any of my stuff you’d know that mine is a poetry-prose meets Dr. Seuss humour-rhyme.  I like to write funny stories, sometimes scary stories, but always rhyming.  I, for one, have a difficultly understanding free-verse poetry sometimes, not to say that it isn’t good or to down play it in any way, it just doesn’t speak to me as strongly as some of the other forms.

So… If you were a poem… What would you be?


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