Are You NaNo Enough?

By Kelleigh Rae.

Last week Blogmother wrote a great piece answering many FAQ’s about National Novel Writing Month, A.K.A. NaNoWriMo. In November, thousands of writers will join the challenge of writing 50,000 words and become a NaNoWriMo ‘winner’. So my question to you is, who is considering joining the throng this year and taking part in a fantastic writing challenge with your fellow authors? How many of you are returning to join again this year? 

nanowrimoI am thinking of joining in the fun this year, and now is the time to start planning and getting organized. If you’ve participated before, do you have any tips? Do we have any winners on WC? We’d all love to hear about your experience(s) and how well you did, what you learned, etc.

Let’s get this discussion rolling! Are you NaNo enough??


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