Have Your Say- We’re Asking YOU!!

By Tim Hillebrant


If you’re reading this- you’re either a member of Writer’s Carnival, considering becoming one, or maybe you were searching, and happened to stumble across this blog.

We couldn’t be more happy to have you.


It’s in light of that spirit that today I’m asking you, our members, upgraded or not, or even those thinking about joining- what do you want from Writer’s Carnival?

What are you looking for in a writer’s website?

What were you looking for when you joined up?

Have you found it?  Or are you still looking for something more?

In our ongoing effort to be a one stop place for all your writing needs, we want you to have your say.   What could be better?  What doesn’t work?  What do you like?  What works, but could be better?

What kind of classes would appeal to you?   Would you be interested in services for editing or having photos and pictures that you can either license or buy?

What do you want from us?

We can’t be the best site out there if we don’t have feedback from you, our members.  Your opinion matters!!

Comment below and be heard!!


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