Pursuing Your Writing Dreams.


Pursuing Your Writing Dreams.

by Karen Payton Holt
Unlike winning the lottery, having any chance of realizing your writing dreams and goals lies within your own hands. You can break them down any way you wish to:
I want to be published.
I want to get my words out there by Indie publishing.
I want to tell a story and have others read it.
I want to be the best writer I can be.
I want to feel that I accomplished something.
I want to leave my mark on the world… The list is endless, and a very personal one.

Each wish has a set of circumstances driving it, and often, only you, the writer, will know the truth behind it.  Ultimately, publishers/agents/peer groups/family cannot help or hinder your aspirations unless you put pen to paper and write something. Putting it out there is scary, but it is the first step to pursuing your dreams.


I shall bare my soul and say this, my dreams began as a small timid creature. I did not plan to be a writer. As a child, I was a voracious reader, and the habit has lasted a lifetime. But not once, in my almost five decades of living, did I ever think I would write a short story, let alone a novel.

When I had the sudden compulsion to write a story, and the word count raced past the 10,000 mark, and then on to 110,000 words, I realized I had written a novel: ‘Fire and Ice: The Awakening’. I was stunned. That was when my timid creature became curious. Was it any good, this novel of mine? I began writing the next in the ‘Fire and Ice’ vampire series and scoured the internet for tips on what I should do now.

When I found an online site to share my work with other aspiring writers, my timid creature filled with determination. And I found that is what it takes, fierce determination. I have that now. I welcome critique, thrive on it. My dream, with my timid creature now a fire breathing dragon at my side, is to go as far as I can go. It is a long story, but I now have a literary agent, and I am in early negotiations with a publisher on another non-vampire novel.

For me, the bottom line is to give my readers the very best I have to give.

I asked my fellow ‘carnival’ writers: What are your dreams? Be as bold as you wish.
Are they reach for the stars ‘fame and fortune’ scenarios? Or perhaps, those where meeting like minded people and hearing what they think of your words fulfils you.

Okay, you have your dream, how are you going to make it happen? Maybe you are well on the road to achieving your aims, or maybe you have been knocked down, had to dust yourself down and, gritting your teeth, had to start again.

I asked them to pull up a chair and tell me all about it, and they did. Follow the link and find out what they had to say :



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