Balance in Everything- A Group Discussion

writers-carnival-writing-siteSo, let’s have us a discussion.

What is it I want to talk about?   How about finding balance.

What do I mean?   Well, it’s like this.

See, as you know, we’re all human.  We all have our likes, dislikes, and our passions.  But at what point is our passions taking over?  Do we have other things that need doing, which are being neglected due to our time with our craft?  What about family?  Or jobs?

The point is, in everything there must be balance.  A lot of us know this, and are good with it.  Finding that balance is as easy as breathing.  Whether its done by good planning, knowing when it’s time to move on, or something else, we know.   However there are others for whom finding that balance is a bit more of a challenge.  They focus on one thing until they get tired of it, then set it aside like yesterday’s paper, rarely to be picked up again.   I’m sure if you’re new to the site, or have been here awhile, I’m betting you already have some idea as to what I’m talking about.

So, here’s the question, how do you find balance?

Do you plan a schedule?  Do you just make time for what you want to do when you need to do it?  Or do you just play each day by ear?

Some thoughts from our Writers:

MJ-  Being a wife and mom comes first. I work in everything else around that. Inspiration is my fuel, but I’m working on harnessing sheer drive to get things done. Getting up early helps me to accomplish way more in the day while allowing me time to do some reading and writing. Those who’ve read my posts know that I struggle with finding balance and staying focused. But, I’m been working on cutting out idle time and replacing it with being productive. I read my To Do List and try to fit them in when I feel myself idling through my day. I wish I was more organized, but I’m just trying to stick with what works. 

Julie- Balance is certainly an issue for me, too. My husband and I don’t have children, but we do have a traditional marriage where I am mostly responsible for the day-to-day running of the house. I work full time as well, so sometimes 15 minutes of writing is all I can carve out of a day. I’m off today, and Hubby is working, so I have a few hours to myself today to write. Tomorrow I will have extra time as well, since I am working 6am-2pm, and he has a jewelry box to make for Etsy. So tomorrow afternoon we both will be “working” our second jobs, as we call them. But after that, I will be lucky if I can get in an hour of writing total for the rest of the week. I would love to have a set schedule, and be as organized as Anisa, but two full time retail jobs in one household makes that impossible.
Plus our diva bunnies demands, sharing one vehicle, doctors appointments, etc. It’s all a time suck.

Miranda- My husband is Master of Balance, while I- annoyingly so- am usually fluctuating between the extremes of obsession and apathy. He reminds me to take breaks from the PC / typewriter to actually enjoy living. I am reminded that experience is as necessary for a writer as actually writing; it fills our idea bank with the rich substance that is (in my opinion) worth writing about. I sometimes have to tear myself away from my work in order to avoid reaching that bleak state of carelessness, glib hyperactivity rushed and without foresight of repercussions. As I continue to grow, I believe some happy semblance of authentic balance will be achieved; mostly by listening with reverence to those trying to help me, as well as accepting responsibility for my own choices and actions.

Matt- With everything else going on (family, job, commute, this little thing called sleep, plus Writer’s Carnival), I find certain things start to slip by the wayside. Like writing. I’ve been know to joke that you don’t find the time to write, you have to carve it out with a butcher knife. So some things fall by the wayside. I don’t watch much tv. I don’t read as much (gasp, yes, I know). I go to bed after my wife is already asleep. But, on occasion, I manage to find time just to sit down and write… and then I’m trying hard to focus on that and not playing a game of “Ooh, shiny!” on the internet.

Anisa- Yes, balance absolutely can be tough. For me, I find a lot of the time I end up getting in what I call ‘refresh mode’ and that’s basically where I’m jumping from site to site observing what’s happening but not actually getting anything done. What I do is say from x to x I will be doing y and then from y to z I’ll be doing a… Lol. And that works very well for me because then I know I only have an hour to do x and two hours to do y, etc and I have to focus on getting things accomplished that way.

So, what do you think?  Share some thoughts and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Balance in Everything- A Group Discussion

  1. Great post, Tim. I fall back to the last bastion on the desperate: the list. Actually, I’m more proactive than that. I make several lists for different areas of my life including a ‘not to do’ list and an ‘accomplishments’ list. The most important list is my ‘people that matter’ list that I keep handy to my work areas. It helps me refocus and re-prioritize when I get overwhelmed.

  2. I have great difficulty finding balance. My children are grown and, although they visit frequently, when I am at home staying away from the ‘writing abyss’ is tough. Iron clothes or write? Vacuum or write? Clean house or write? Writing wins most of the time! In truth, my biggest obstacle to writing is the online lure of visiting Writers Carnival. The place is addictive, but one that brings so many benefits, it has to be a good addiction.

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