by Karen Payton Holt (AKA KPHVampireWriter)

Writers Carnival Post-a-Palooza is a weekend of madness and mayhem. The order of the weekend is to challenge your quick wits and jump through literary hoops. Why? Because writing to task in short bursts is great for your creativity. We should all write by the seat of our pants now and again, and the epitome of this is the ‘Power Hour’ sessions.

What is a Writer’s Carnival ‘Power Hour’? One hour, four quick prompts which may take the form of Flash Fiction, Dialogue only prose, Poetry, anything goes. Does your attempt have to be literary genius? Of course not. Just try it for fun, throw caution to the wind and ‘power’ your way through.

Welcome to PALOOZA DAY TWO: March 22nd:

Today at is a ‘Power Hour Plus’, Two extra small challenges are slotted in there, and completing them all wins you an extra badge. Trust me, you will soon become addicted to having these little bright designs lined up after your name.

POWER HOUR at 4:00 p.m. PST/7:00 p.m. EST and will be hosted here:

And what else can you hope to find to tempt you out of your shell?

Post two pieces of your own work and review nine of others… above all else, we want to keep the cycle going. If you are looking for the courage to put yourself out there because you crave constructive feedback; well this is a chance to kick start that process.

To win a daily badge to adorn your name, just add these to your to do list; Change your profile picture, get to know other members by updating your status, and comment on the status of others.

Step up and meet the challenges, shout out the ‘key phrase’ for each day, today’s being ‘I’M A PALOOZA ROCKSTAR!  NOW GIVE ME MY BADGE, PLEASE!‘, and that earns you a shiny badge. One per day is up for grabs.               

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the forums will be buzzing with games so ‘roll-up, roll-up’ and join the ‘Palooza’ fun.  CLICK HERE:


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