Writing mistakes. We all make them, and some are bigger than others.

But what is the biggest writing mistake ever?

You might say  it’s not properly editing your piece.  Certainly, this is huge, and I would put this right at the top of the list of big mistakes.  It would make the top five mistakes, easy.  Maybe even in the top three.

There are other writing mistakes that can be made.  A failure to plan  out what you’re writing in some way, even if it’s just a few points in your head. 

Do you have a plot?  Or does your plot change in the middle of your story? 

Did you fail to research those things that needed researching?  Did you sett your story in Colonial Williamsburg, but give the characters machine guns and rocket grenades? 

Is your story unnecessarily long? 

Does it ramble instead of flow? 

These mistakes are all significant, but I think they’re overcome with simply a bit of effort on your part and a desire to improve in your craft.   In my mind, the biggest writing mistake is not writing.  The second is allowing any naysayers to your writing to get to you.  If you’re going to write, you must write for yourself first.  Your audience is second to that.  [M1] So, what do you think the biggest writing mistakes are?  Have you taken the time and made the effort to correct the ones you’re aware of?  What was the result whenyou did?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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