In this social and media driven world, the only way to breakthrough and make it your own is to NETWORK.  It’s absolutely crucial to socialize with people and to return the gestures extended to you, especially in the world of literature.  Nobody knows you exist unless you let them know you exist…

There isn’t a success story in the world that didn’t start without networking, and there never will be.  If you’re passionate about your writing, and believe you can be successful with it, you need to put yourself out there and interact with others.

The most popular bloggers, authors, and celebrities didn’t make it to where they are today by not being social.    Success doesn’t just drop in your lap, you have to earn it and the first step to being successful is making people like you.  Say hello, review a story, and give people encouragement and help where you can.  That’s what a community is and why it’s so great, because people work together.

So, remember, get out there, comment on posts, say hello, and update your status to say something fun that will entice others to get in on the conversations.  Offer advice where you can and be constructive.   If you enjoy receiving reviews on your work, you need to remember it took that person time, so respond to what they’ve written, say thank you.  Go over and check out what they’ve written.  Chances are, you’ll make a friend.

Success starts from within and the best way to achieve your goals is to live by a simple motto:  Put forth the effort you expect to receive back.

Be creative and have fun!  Get social and GET NOTICED!


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